In 2016, the Columbia Gorge region passed 11 of the 18 quality measures resulting in a 70% payout. This is in contrast to achieving 17 out of 17 measures and receiving 100% of payout in 2015. While performance on quality measures improved for most metrics, the improvements did not always meet the targets for 2016. Performance on clinical measures in the Columbia Gorge CCO was the highest in the state in three areas: follow-up care for people who have been hospitalized for mental health conditions, Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Access and Immunizations. While the Gorge achieved the highest performance for Immunizations statewide, the final result was below the target and therefore considered not passing.

Quality measures are used by the OHA to determine how successful CCOs have been at improving care, making quality care accessible, eliminating health disparities, and curbing the rising cost of health care for the populations they serve. For a full report of the 2016 Quality Performance, check here.