Oregon's Coordinated Care Model

CAP – Clinical Advisory Panel

Provide collective leadership from partner organizations for the clinical transformation work that will help the Columbia Gorge CCO achieve the Triple Aim – Better Health, Better Experience, Lower Costs.

CAP Co-Chair: Elizabeth Foster, MD

CAP Co-Chair: Al Barton, MS, LPC

Meetings are held monthly from 6pm-8pm. See calendar for locations and dates.

Membership: For a current list of Voting and Extended members, look at the most recent copy of the minutes.

Purpose: Engage providers in the region to build networks of care that enhance patient outcomes consistent with the goals of improving care, improving experience of care and reducing cost.

Coordinate with community leadership to define and advocate for:

  • The optimal delivery of care
  • Identification of opportunities to direct funding to innovative cost savings programs
  • Identification of opportunities to reduce overutilization of costly services
  • Integrated community health systems
  • Patient-centered standards, guidelines and protocols for delivery of care
  • Quality performance measures/metrics
  • Optimization of care processes
  • Evidence based practices
  • Provider development and support programs
  • Provide input to the CGHC Board regarding clinical credentialing and privileging criteria
  • Payment mechanisms which support the CCO care model