The 2018 Community Grant Awardees

In 2017, the Columbia Gorge Health Council announced a grant opportunity to support local organizations in addressing identified needs from in the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), the CCO Quality Incentive Metrics and/or the CCO Transformation Plan and benefit Columbia Gorge CCO Medicaid recipients in addition to the community at large. The list of the ten finalists are briefly described below.

Building Resiliency in the Columbia Gorge

Lead Organization: YouthThink Duration: 3 Years
Contact: Debby Jones; Award Amount: $119,000

Summary: The “Building Resiliency in the Columbia Gorge” project addresses the key conclusion from the 2016 Community Health Assessment that parents often times underestimate the actual needs of their children. Unmet needs of children can often lead to unhealthy behaviors later in life. This project will focus on the science that links social-emotional learning with the promotion of appropriate secure attachment as the foundation for future health and resiliency.

Community ID

Lead Organization: Gorge Ecumencial Ministries Duration: 3 Years
Contact: Vicky Stifter; Award Amount: $20,000

Summary: This proposal aims to bring about a form of photo identification that is issued by a trusted organization and accepted by local agencies, including law enforcement, and is available and accessible to all people who can sufficiently demonstrate their identity and their residency in Hood River County.  The public safety benefits include improved reporting of crime and other concerns to law enforcement, expanding reverse 911 to improve community disaster readiness, knowledge of key medical conditions and emergency contacts, and increased participation in services which strengthen our community and save money, such as primary care, education and proactive communication with law enforcement.

Everybody Rides Transportation Effort

Lead Organization: Mid-Columbia Economic Development District Duration: 1 Year
Contact: Amanda Hoey; Award Amount: $3,500

Summary: The Everybody Rides Transportation effort will develop a campaign to publicize existing, new and changing public transportation services in a manner that involves the entire community; creating familiar and relatable stories and materials. These will be designed to reduce the stigmas and preconceived notions about using transportation. The project will develop culturally appropriate materials; building upon our work in this area over the past two years.

Food Access for All

Lead Organization: Gorge Grown Food Network Duration: 3 Years
Contact: Sarah Sullivan; Award Amount: $176,300

Summary: The Food Security Coalition is a network of over 35 organizations and agencies working to to build a resilient, local food system and improve equitable access to nutritious food in the Columbia River Gorge. Through increased communication and coordination between members, the Coalition seeks to fill gaps in the food system, together.

Imagination Yoga in the Schools

Lead Organization: CultureSeed Duration: 3 Years
Contact: Sarah Pritchard; Award Amount: $25,000

Summary: Imagination Yoga in the Schools (IYS) addresses national concerns of childhood inactivity, distractibility, anxiety and bullying by teaching second graders and modeling key skills to teachers in the Columbia Gorge public school system. This grant helps expand services to include all 24 second grade classes in Wasco and Hood River Counties.

Maupin Fiber Network

Lead Organization: City of Maupin Duration: 1 Year
Contact: Lynn Ewing; Award Amount: $44,765

Summary: The City of Maupin is working with Q-Life to increase high speed internet access in Maupin through development of an open access, publically owned fiber network throughout town. This network will be available to internet service providers (ISPs) to connect residents, businesses, and community institutions to broadband service.  The grant funds will be used towards establishing connectivity to the Deschutes Rim Health Clinic (DRHC) and neighboring healthcare facilities.

Mejor Juntos- Health Promotion in Hood River and Wasco Counties

Lead Organization: North Central Public Health District Duration: 3 Year
Contact: Dr. Miriam McDonell; Award Amount: $226,215

Summary: Many organizations in Hood River and Wasco Counties have programs that increase access to nutritious foods and physical activity opportunities, yet residents and providers in the area frequently are unaware either of the existence of programs, or are unclear on participant requirements. The Health Promotion Coordinator (HPC) will facilitate accurate and up-to-date health promotion information exchanges between agencies and providers.

Safer Futures Project

Lead Organization: HAVEN Duration: 3 Years
Contact: Tara Koch; Award Amount: $150,000

Summary: The Safer Futures Project is an intervention model that can be replicated across the Columbia Gorge CCO region to improve social support and access to care for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). This Safer Futures Project would expand upon the existing HAVEN model, offering training and technical assistance to launch the intervention in new clinic settings by integrating IPV screening and intervention collaboratively with an advocate to improve effective contraceptive usage, social support, access to care, safety, and well-being.

The Power of Play: Recess Enrichment in 10 Elementary Schools

Lead Organization: Columbia Gorge Education Service District Duration: 2 Years
Contact: Dr. Pat Sublette; Award Amount: $246,600

Summary: Columbia Gorge ESD will introduce Playworks, a nationally recognized curriculum designed to leverage the power of safe, fun and healthy play at school every day, by creating a space for every kid on the playground to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills.  Ten elementary schools in Hood River and Wasco counties have committed to launching the Playworks “TeamUp” service which provides an on-site coordinator to teach, model, and empower a sustainable recess program focused on inclusivity, a sense of community and increases physical activity.

Strengthening Collective Impact

Lead Organization: United Way Duration: 1 Year
Contact: Paul Lindberg ; Award Amount: $25,000

Summary: This project will increase community partners’ capacity to better gather and analyze data. The Learning Specialist will assist with designing and implementing a common data collection process and tools and oversee the analysis of the collected data. The Learning Specialist will help connect the dots between multiple community projects based on data collected from those very projects.