The Columbia Gorge Health Council works in partnership with PacificSource Community Solutions Coordinated Care Organization – Columbia Gorge Region. The Columbia Gorge Health Council consists of local leaders in health care along with county and community representatives.

The Columbia Gorge Health Council works to elevate the well-being of everyone living in the Columbia Gorge through:

    • Governing the Columbia Gorge Coordinated Care Organization (CCO)
    • Allocating spending
    • Operating collaborative programs
    • Convening partners for health improvement efforts.

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) ensures a community voice in programs while the Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) provides stewardship of best clinical practices. The Board, CAC and CAP each meet monthly as noted in the Upcoming Events calendar.

CCO 2.0 Topics

“CCO 2.0” is the second 5-year contract being awarded by the Oregon Health Authority to Coordinated Care Organizations in Oregon.  In an effort to raise awareness about the main requirements and decision-points for CCO 2.0, presentations have been...

Columbia Gorge CCO Quality Metric Performance for 2016

Columbia Gorge CCO Quality Metric Performance for 2016

In 2016, the Columbia Gorge region passed 11 of the 18 quality measures resulting in a 70% payout. This is in contrast to achieving 17 out of 17 measures and receiving 100% of payout in 2015. While performance on quality measures improved for most metrics, the...